Why do you require a credit card when booking an appointment?

Asking the customer to apply a credit card to hold their appointment time is simply to hold the customer accountable for their requested time.  When a customer calls and schedules an appointment, that time is blocked off our calendar just for them.  Should another customer call and want that time - we would not be able to accommodate them because we would have already booked that time.  

When we block time on the schedule for a customer and then they do not show up for the appointment as scheduled and they do not bother to cancel the appointment we are left waiting for them to show up and turning down other calls for appointments.  This potentially could cost the store loss in sales to someone else because the original customer didn't show up and we were unable to schedule someone else in for that time.

If you show up for your appointment as scheduled - your credit card is never charged.  Should you fail to show up and don't cancel your appointment in advance then we will charge your card a $25 "no show fee" to help offset the cost of personnel and loss of revenue for that time slot.

Why do you request minors be accompanied by someone 21+ years of age when shopping?

Everyone is welcome at Sheri's.  EVERYONE!  However, during our peak seasons - such as prom or homecoming, when the staff is very, very busy providing personalized service to our customers, we would like to limit those individuals who are just coming in to "play" for lack of a better word.  Trying on dresses is so much fun!  Taking selfies in the dresses with our friends and posting them to social media pages is great!  But our staff's time is valuable and could be better used to assist customers who are serious about shopping and actually purchasing a dress.  

Why do I have to have a Sheri's staff person assist me?  Why can't I have someone in my group help me in the dressing room?

Our staff is REQUIRED to assist customers with their zipping and unzipping of the dresses and to make sure they are properly fitted to the person.   If a zipper were to malfunction or seams to rip or beads to fall off a dress while one of our staff is doing the fitting then it's on us.  If these things were to occur without being assisted by a staff member - the customer could be held liable for the damage to the dress. Also, our staff are knowledgeable in the way a dress is supposed to fit, zip, hook or button.  It is in the customers best interest to always receive assistance from the sales staff!  

But I'm not that size!  Why are you trying to put a different size on me?

Formal wear and bridal dresses DO NOT fit like our daily wear clothing.  For example, you may be a size 8 in your everyday clothes - BUT, in formal and bridal dresses you will probably wear a size larger - sometimes even 2 sizes larger. That's just how formal wear fits.  Even bridal!  And each designer's dresses will fit differently.  For instance, a Jovani or Ashley Lauren design will fit differently than a Allure or Rachel Allan.  That's why it's important for our shoppers to understand this little known fact about sizing in formal and bridal wear before they start shopping - anywhere!  That's why we ask our shoppers if they have already tried on formal wear somewhere else thus giving them an idea of what sizes they need to look for.  If they haven't and don't know their size - we'll ask them what size they normally wear in their everyday clothes and jeans and that gives us an idea of where to start looking in dress sizes. We always try to explain to our customers to not get discouraged about the sizing!!!!  It's just different for formal wear.  Yes! You are whatever size you buy your everyday clothes in - but that doesn't mean your formal dress will be the same!  Let us help you select the right size for you!  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  NO MATTER WHAT SIZE YOU ARE!!!!  And at Sheri's we want to make sure you know that and feel it in the dress you select!  So, we ask that you defer to our expertise in fit and size. It's what we do.  It's what we know how to do.  It's what we are there for - to make you look and feel your very best in your dress!